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The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to the Welfare and Development of all segments of the society. Government have announced "Navarathnalu" comprising of various welfare and developmental programmes to achieve this objective. As part of the Navarathnalu , enhancement of pension amount and reduction in the age criteria for old age pension is a major welfare measure to ameliorate the hardships of the poor and vulnerable sections of the society particularly the old and infirm, widows, and persons with disability to secure a dignified life. In pursuit of this overarching goal, inspite of the challenging financial conditions, orders were issued vide G.O.Ms.No.103 Dated: 30.05.2019 enhancing the Social Security Pensions amount for old Age Persons, widow, Toddy Tappers, weavers, Single women, Fishermen, ART (PLHIV) Persons , Traditional Cobblers to Rs.2250/- per month, Disabled persons,Transgender and Dappu Artists to Rs.3,000/- per month, and also for people affected with Chronic Kidney Disease who are undergoing Dialysis both Government and network hospitals to Rs.10,000/- per month. The enhanced scale of pension came into effect from June, 2019 payable from 1st July, 2019 onwards.

Pension Details O.A.P Widow Disabled Weavers Toddy Tappers Transgender Single Women Fishermen Traditional Cobbler Dappu Artists DMHO Pension to Dialysis Patients ART Pensions Total
Govt. Hospitals Affiliated Hospitals
LIVE 2663360 2064147 621758 107286 31708 2079 147482 51816 20663 31429 38101 4300 6597 31673 5822399
Releases 2663360 2064147 621758 107286 31708 2079 147482 51816 20663 31429 38101 4300 6597 31673 5822399
Disbursed This Month 2588536 1988602 603648 104416 31039 1880 142332 50039 20014 30897 36846 4279 5849 31588 5639965

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